It’s National Recycling Week

This week is National Recycling Week which means recycling should be on your mind. In 2005, Australian businesses recycled over 653 tonnes of printer cartridge waste (just over 1.25 Million cartridges). Ten years later, Planet Ark is on track to recycle a massive 3.72 Million cartridges.

Recycling is easier and much more convenient than ever before with recycling stations set up at councils, retail outlets and even landfill sites.

Get involved and make sure your office (and home) is recycling everything possible – let’s not lose these valuable resources to landfill.

Play the game

Try out Planet Ark’s new Recycle Rescue game. This free game tests your recycling reflexes and is both fun and addictive!

Ideal for schools to help develop student’s recycling skills

Recycle game

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