Revive that stalled sale

Every salesperson has experienced a stalled sale. You know, where a prospect is excited about buying what you’re selling and eager to do business with you, only to suddenly go cold and offer up excuses as to why they’re not ready to pull the trigger. How can you revive a stalled sale?

Be prepared. Be prepared for objections and stalls so you can react to them appropriately. Carefully plan out what their concerns or issues might be, and how you will counter them.

Have a good reason for calling. Each time you speak to your client during a follow up call, have a valuable piece of information to offer them. Be armed with an explanation or proof of how your company can provide value to their business.

Set up the next move. When you speak to your prospects, project into the future to keep the ball rolling. “I’ll provide you with the information on Monday; when can I expect to hear back from you with an answer?” “If the numbers look good, what will be the next step?” “When would be a good time for me to follow up with you?”

Stalled sales are a part of business. Being able to get past a stalled sale and get the sales process moving again is what separates successful salespeople from average salespeople.

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