How to store your paper

Like any other high-performace, high-quality product, a little conditioning goes a long way with your Copier paper. It can make the difference between “okay” and outstanding when it comes to results.

For optimum results, follow these paper storage guidelines:

  • Leave paper in its wrapper until you are ready to load it in the machine.
  • Do not store paper directly on the floor. Keep it on pallets or shelves or in cabinets.
  • Store paper at a temperature of 24° C and a relative humidity of 35 to 55 percent.

Paper Stacking
Your paper order will normally be shipped to you in sturdy fiberboard cartons. The number of reams in each carton depends on the size of the paper. Stack individual reams or cartons carefully on top of one another. This will help you avoid crushing the edges or causing any other damage. Pile cartons no more than five high.

Paper handling
Treating paper cartons with care in paper storage is extremely important! Dropping, throwing, striking with a forklift or otherwise mishandling paper cartons can result in damaged paper. You may not even notice the damage until you have paper jams or other feeding problems.

Climate control
Store your paper on shelves or pallets or in cabinets rather than right on the floor to avoid moisture absorption. Choose an area that’s protected from extreme temperatures and humidity. Temperature and humidity are critical factors in how your paper performs in your copier or printer.

Most environments with air conditioning systems provide the proper mix of temperature and humidity. If you are in an environment that is not air conditioned, follow these guidelines:

  1. Minimum temperature of 10°C with 15 percent relative humidity.
  2. Maximum temperature of 27°C with 85 percent relative humidity.

Do not open until…

To achieve best results, we recommend you leave reams sealed in their original ream wrapper, in the shipping carton during paper storage. Do not open the wrapper until you are ready to load the paper into your copier or printer. Why? The ream wrapper has an inner lining that guards against moisture absorption. Once you open the wrapper, the protective barrier is gone and moisture can seep in and cause excessive curl and other problems.

Once you do open…

After you open the ream, reseal the wrapper with large tape if you will not be using all the paper immediately, for example, if you’ll be leaving it unused overnight. Better still, store unused loose paper in a resealable plastic bag. Do not store paper in your machine’s paper trays.

Take sheets from the center of the ream if a package is inadvertently left open. Store coated paper in resealable bags or covered storage boxes after opening the original wrapper.

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