Add a Personal Touch to your Customer Service

Your customers pay your bills. They’re the lifeblood of any company, and you can’t afford to lose them, so it is imperative to keep them happy. However, customer service can be challenging. Trying to right a wrong while dealing with an unhappy, inconvenienced person is not the most pleasant of experiences, and can often prove to be an exercise in futility. One way to combat this is by adding a personal touch.
Adding a personal touch to your customer service can help you deftly resolve problems and keep your customers satisfied. Here’s how to make it more personal.

It’s important to have the right people handling your customer service. People who share your company’s vision and who enjoy helping others. Their behavior will reflect your vision.

Automation is helpful, but impersonal; your customers want to speak to a human being. Don’t make them jump through hoops to directly reach someone who can help them when a problem arises. Make it easy for them to get a hold of a real, live person, one-on-one, and have their issue resolved personally in a reasonable amount of time.

Know your customers. By understanding their needs, you can provide solutions to them in a timely fashion.

Be empathetic. Good listening skills are essential. Listen to what they have to say, and be sure to address their emotional needs.

Follow up with customers to make sure they are satisfied with the resolution. They will appreciate that you care whether or not their issue was resolved satisfactorily, and provide you with the opportunity to make things right in the event they weren’t happy.

Keeping your customers happy will result in them remaining your customers. Try doing so by adding a personal touch.

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