Why it’s Time to Incorporate Mobile Printing

With a new reliance on mobile devices to accomplish work tasks comes a necessity to print on-the-go. Bringing a flash drive to a meeting and asking to use a colleague’s printer—or worse, emailing documents to a client and asking them to print them for you—seems antiquated and can challenge the credibility of your company in the eyes of your partners and competitors.

Consider a few ways mobile printing can change the way you work: 
•  Print documents directly from your mobile device to any networked printer (like at a hotel or airport business center)
•  Get a jumpstart on tomorrow’s seminar by printing fifteen copies of your 50-page handout during off-hours, so they are ready to go in the morning
•  Print receipts directly to your office during business trips for easy reimbursement
•  Print a recently updated proposal minutes before you’re due to present it

The practical uses for mobile printing are boundless. But, it is important to view mobile printing not as a luxury, but as a necessity. As mobile computing surpasses traditional PC computing, your need to print on-the-go will become increasingly crucial to stay viable in today’s competitive market.

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