The bottom line of Document Management

Is your office inundated by overwhelming amounts of information, vast quantities of valuable data that needs to be organized and stored securely while remaining easily retrievable? A document management system could be just what your business needs, providing you with an efficient way to capture, store, and retrieve documents, enabling your organization to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Traditional methods of storing paper documents are extremely inefficient, bulky, and expensive. But, today information often comes to us in electronic form, and businesses need a way to store, manage, share, and secure these virtual documents.

A document management system enables you to store both paper and electronic versions of documents, tying all of your data together and storing it in a single, central repository. Document management systems accommodate a diverse range of mediums, including audio and video files, as well as photos and graphics. Your information is neatly organized for easy retrieval and is protected against loss or security breaches in a cost-effective manner.

A document management system enables you to:

• Capture and load information from a wide range of mediums
• Store, archive, and organize files and documents in an orderly fashion
• Eliminate manual filing of paper documents
• Quickly and easily find and retrieve the information you need
• Reduce the amount of paper around your office, allowing you to get rid of bulky file cabinets and eliminate the need for costly off-site storage
• Access your data remotely
• Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive material through security controls
• Keep track of changes to files through revision control
• Recover your data in the event of disaster

Businesses that take advantage of a document management system realize savings in both time and money, as well as increased productivity, improved customer service, and a better bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about a document management system for your organization.

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