Go Green with Document Management

You might think that turning off the lights in the conference room and recycling discarded paper is enough to call your company “Green.” But, while these small steps are certainly important, your company can take a much greater stride toward a greener and more sustainable business by implementing a document management solution.

If you’re still using a traditional paper-based filing system, it’s time you considered the transition to electronic document management. A document management solution allows you and your clients to fully engage in the “Green” movement by significantly reducing the amount of paper waste produced by your company.

Consider these startling statistics about paper:

 It takes one 15-year-old tree to produce half a box of paper.
 The average office employee consumes about 10,000 sheets of paper each year.
 An office with 100 employees spends about $6,400 on paper each year—and consumes about 400 trees worth of paper!

Document management allows you to easily reduce your company’s paper waste output, while making your information more useful and accessible. Implementing a Document Management System allows you to easily store, index, secure, and share your documents electronically, which reduces environmental waste and also makes good business sense.

Document Management can help you achieve your GREEN initiatives by:

 Reducing paper use and waste
 Recycling consumables
 Integrating environmentally responsible hardware
 Minimizing energy consumption

These are just some of the ways Document Management can help your company meet your sustainability initiatives, while also decreasing your overall office printing costs.

By adopting GREENER business practices with document management, your company will save money and the environment!

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