Can SC Technology Group offer me a full Document Workflow and Management Solution for my business?

Australian businesses out there are always looking for a way to take it to the next level. At SC Technology Group, we believe that we offer a solution for those businesses who are having issues with document workflow and management. By offering photocopiers and printers that are designed to boost efficiency and productivity, we have seen businesses become more productive than ever.


No matter what size business you may be a part of, it is time to get rid of the old system and purchase one of Toshiba’s premier printers or photocopiers to boost efficiency! If you are wondering just how we can help, look no further!


High-function products

At SC Technology Group, we pride ourselves on our stock list. We only offer products that we believe to be incredibly beneficial in terms of management. We don’t try to sell you on all the bells and whistles; we just offer products that are designed for functionality in high-traffic business spaces. The Toshiba products have an emphasis on speed and (in the case of the top-tier products) can complete a range of different tasks. Whether it is copying or digital document management, you will find that you will have copies of every piece of relevant paperwork, should you need to revisit them for any reason.


Premier Software

One of the ways that we offer businesses full document workflow and management solutions is keeping our clients up to date with the latest in Toshiba technology. In some cases, photocopiers and printers can be updated to inhibit the latest technology. The Toshiba software is designed to help improve document workflow by digitally categorising copied documents and moving them into digital storage. Similarly, there is output management software that can dictate quotes and ink use.


Service and Assistance

Not only do we sell you the product, but we can also provide you with ongoing support. Should you need to find out more information about your product, or alternatively seek a repair or warranty inquiry, we can point you in the right direction. After decades of working with Toshiba products (becoming a platinum business dealer), we have seen just about every issue and inquiry that there is. So if you need to be referred to someone for repairs, or need advice about a specific function, we can help.


If you are looking for a subtle way to boost your document workflow and management capabilities within your business, look no further. Our team at SC Technology Group can supply you with a product that will help you supply documents and store them for later use. With a product for everyone, call SC Technology Group today!

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