What’s the best Toshiba Photocopier for business?

The world of photocopiers is much like the world of just about every piece of technology. Whether it is fridges, TVs or even microwaves, there is such a large amount of products out there, and differentiating them can be hard. That’s where our team of experts at SC Technology Group come in. We can help you select a photocopier that suits your business type, budget and most importantly, personal preference.


If you are a bit out of your depth trying to select a photocopier for your business, call SC Technology Group today and let our team fill you in about all the different Toshiba products on the market!



These Toshiba photocopiers and printers are the Rolls Royces of the printing world. While they are physically big in size, they are very common in productive office spaces due to their capability and enabled workload. The colour version of a multi-function printer is perfect for offices where people constantly need hard copies of information. Whether it is for mail, invoicing, quoting, reports or something else, multi-function printers are the way to go.


Monochrome Multi-Function

Essentially the same as the regular multi-function printer and copiers, except without colour, the monochrome variation is once again perfect for offices and business-spaces where large quantities or printing will take place. The black and white restrictions can help with the cost, and if your workplace is commonly printing paperwork for orders or reports, the black and white restrictions will not change a thing!

In businesses where there is an older clientele, who aren’t privy to the technological side of things, a printer and copier such as this can convert hard-copy documents to digital for storage and multiplication.


Barcode Printers

These nifty little printers are not necessarily a copier but are perfect for functionality, particularly in the manufacturing space. If you are creating products or stocking products, you may need to add barcodes. Barcode printers in conjunction with good copiers are perfect where efficiency is key to the success of your business!


Single Function

While it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need a photocopier, a single function Toshiba printer will sometimes do the trick. These little cost-effective printers still house incredible functionality. With awesome contrast and time-saving capabilities, a single function printer can allow you to distribute information with ease and increase functionality within your business.


There are many options out there, and within these categories, there are even more variations in photocopiers, all that have their own unique attributes. For more information about which photocopier and printer are best for your business, call SC Technology Group today for all of the information about Toshiba products you may need.

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