Put real value in your Sales!

It often seems that the most important aspect of a buying decision is price. While price is a factor in every sale, it’s not always the primary factor. Every salesperson should learn how to resist the temptation to offer too much of a discount, too quickly.

Try these helpful tips to increase the effectiveness of your sales pitch:

If you cold call your prospects, be sure to conduct some preliminary research before you call them. Figure out what problems they are facing and determine exactly how your products or services can help them solve those problems. Most salespeople will tell their prospect everything about their products. Instead, focus on the specific issues your customer faces. You can mention other features, but don’t waste time dwelling on things that aren’t capturing your prospect’s attention.

Developing rapport early on in the conversation can go a long way on a sales call. If you have a common contact, let them know. You can also make conversation based on the location of the prospect you’re calling. Asking about the weather or a local sports team is usually a good way to break the ice. This humanizes the conversation and puts your prospect at ease. The point of this is not to ramble, but establish a relationship early on. Transition into your sales pitch fluidly

Establish the value of your product before you the discuss price. Focusing on the benefits that your products can provide to an individual prospect increases its perceived value. In fact, the sooner price is brought up in the sales interaction, the more difficult it will be to demonstrate the value. By increase the value of your product before you discuss the dollars, you can more easily guide your potential customer toward the sale. Often sales people offer a discount BEFORE they are even asked. Not only does this affect your profitability, but it also shows your customers that you have price flexibility and might give them the impression that you’re devaluing your own products.

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