Need advice about all your business printing needs – SC Technology Group can help today.

Printing and coping have long been a fundamental aspect of business function. Whether it is for quotes, office memos, invoices or drawings/designs, some offices are printing hundreds of documents every day. In 2018, there is a long list of products out there that are all different from one and other, and it can get confusing.

If your business is looking to update it’s current printing and copying capability, it is time to contact SC Technology Group. Our team can help you upgrade, or implement a new system by providing you with friendly advice and information about all of the premier Toshiba products on the market. If you are wondering just how we can help you, look no further.


The products

At SC Technology Group, we pride ourselves on our stock list. We only offer what we know to be the very best products in this space to our clients, and believe that our clients have seen fantastic results with these products. With Toshiba printers and copiers, our clients have been able to select from the high-end multifunction printers, designed to handle large businesses and their workloads, and the lower end printers that are good for small offices. All products have their own benefits and unique functions, and with some information about your business, we will be able to help you make a lasting decision.


The Specs

Every product is vastly different, and while differentiating the subtle traits may be confusing, we can help you choose. Nowadays printers can do a lot! So if you don’t think you need all the bells and whistles, or you think that a few added functions will help you, we can help facilitate your requirements. It is our job to know the ins and outs of Toshiba printers and copiers, so you don’t have to, through this knowledge-developing process, we have developed a firm understanding of what options suit particular industries.



When you make an investment in a printer, it automatically becomes a fundamental part of your business’ functionality. At SC Technology Group, we have printer and copier technology that will help you organise documents into electronic categories. These kinds of additions can help improve business efficiency and help you prevent issues relating to data management down the line. With device management software you can also track the progress of your copier and printer, and determine if you need any maintenance or repairs.


At SC Technology Group we can help you make this decision, and are confident your business will be complemented by a Toshiba printer or copier that is perfect for your particular function. For more information, or to organise a quote, contact SC Technology Group today!

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