Is the paperless office becoming a reality?

Today there is a new breed of environmentally friendly managers working their way up the ladder, along with the eco-conscience boomers as governments and society place the focus on reducing our waste and effect on the environment.  Saving energy and using sustainable means to do so pushes the need to create the efficient paperless office. The satisfaction with this is not only a reduction in office waste but also costs associated with paper, toner and maintenance.

The earlier visions of the paperless office were first talked about decades ago, but now the advances in technology have made it literally possible where digital files and digital documents easily and efficiently replace paper files. A big benefit of this system is the de-cluttering, let alone ease of use and the space saving advantages.

We are able to read newspapers through the Internet, our books are delivered to us and are read electronically; we also receive product coupons by email. Our choice for instant communications is increasingly being filled with the use of computers, PDAs, and smartphones. Let alone the advantages of simple email today.

Businesses are adopting ways in which the large volumes of paper previously used, are now being replaced by more portable alternatives. Besides the early Portable Data Format (.pdf file) which are downloadable documents used by banks, cable and utility companies for customer statements and bills, helping to move methods towards a paperless office, another way that offices are getting rid of large volumes of paper, is with the use of scanners.

Digital records are created through the use of scanned documents, and the process is completed in a matter of seconds regardless of the size, shape or orientation of the documents scanned. The scanner can recognize logos, can categorize them, and the character recognition software allow for fast searching of scanned documents. More and more companies and governmental agencies are making use of scanned documents. The benefit of using scanned documents is, they are immediately available to anyone since they are stored on a secured server that allows access from anywhere.

For more on how to move your office documents to a paperless reality, contact us to assist you.

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