How to use Social Media when you’re in a B2B Business

If you deal with a Business-to-business audience like us, chances are that your social media strategy looks quite different to that of a clothing retailer selling to thousands of private consumers.

In this video, Social Media strategist Kylie Bartlett sat down with SC Technology Group Director Robert Hunter, and discussed the top tools you can use when dealing in a B2B environment.

The top take aways from this episode are:

Where is your target market? Which platforms?

In a B2B environment, your most important platform will be Linkedin followed by Facebook.

Share the contributions your business is making:

If you are involved in a lot of community projects, don’t be hesitant to promoting them. Customers love dealing with a company that not only focuses on making profit, but is also willing to give back to the community.

More cut-through when using personal profile on LinkedIn: 

People on Linkedin like connecting to professional people, not always just with companies.


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