How SC Technology can help with digital automation and document workflow

Any kind of alteration to your business that can increase functionality and productivity is preferable. At SC Technology Group, we believe that the key to increasing document organisation and workflow is a combination of digital automation and software. By providing businesses with brand new, high-quality Toshiba products, we have seen businesses boost time efficiency with this particular software.


This may sound a bit confusing, but at SC Technology Group our team can help you understand how digital automation and document workflow combine with high-quality printers and copiers. If you are looking to boost functionality and time-management, look no further.



At SC Technology Group, we can provide you with some of the industries leading software. Digital automation software and document workflow are Toshiba programs for printers that are designed to give users the ability to save time during the printing and copying process.


Toshiba e-Bridge Capture & Store software creates document workflow by capturing paper documents and converting them to digital, before storing them as a part of a larger online network for your business. This is an example of document workflow and digital automation that is inherent in Toshiba systems.



The new Toshiba products are faster than ever. This is extremely beneficial for businesses who are constantly printing and copying. If more than one person needs to use this equipment, you want to ensure that the assigned tasks are being completed with some form of speed. Similarly, with automotive controls, you can complete these tasks from the comfort of your desk and continue to perform other office tasks while your printing/copying is occurring. Able to handle requests from multiple devices, you will have no trouble completing your tasks on time.



Quality document workflow is different depending on the size of your business. That is why it is essential to have some diversity in offered products to cater for all business sizes. At SC Technology Group, we offer a range of printers and copiers, all of which have incredibly positive attributes. The technology that is used as a part of these machines may differ. However, all Toshiba printers and copiers have new innovative attributes aimed at ensuring you are getting the most out of your ink and that any digital copies you make are being sent in the right direction.


SC Technology Group has spent 30 years helping businesses boost productivity with the implementation of printers and copiers. Complete with digital automation and software for document workflow, you will have minimal stress, no matter how much you plan on printing or copying. If you think your business could use a technological update, or you wish to find out more about Toshiba’s capabilities, call our team today!

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